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2021 Holiday Gift Guide (Supporting Local)

Hey all,

It's that time of the year again! You guys loved last years Gift Guide so much that I had to put together another one for this year. If you haven't checked out last years list, click here, because there are some great gifts you can pick up from those businesses as well!

Here is just a short list of businesses that I have encountered doing my own research but there are definitely so so much more! A quick way to shop is on Instagram through hashtags or location.

Happy Shopping!

A Toronto Based company that offers custom and curated gift boxes. You can shop from a wide range of gift boxes based on the likes of the individual you're shopping for. For example, you can shop a tea(s) set with a customized mug. Most of the gift sets offer an element that is customizable. Super cute!

I just recently came across this cute little mother-daughter crystal shop. This really is the perfect gift for anyone who is more spiritual or on a self love/ healing journey. This shop offers a wide range of crystals, stones, carving, jewellery and even stunning buddha heads. I can guarantee you will find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Just browsing through their website and Instagram, you'll quickly find that they have so much goodies ranging from Breakfast and pantry staples such as Organic Beet Mylk, Organic Apple Pie Granola Butter (Nut-free) Yum!!!, Chocolate Oat Milk Powder, and much much more. They also offer a wide variety of Baking Essentials and health + wellness products as well. You'll definitely find the perfect gift here for your plant-based friend or family member. They also have a storefront at Stacktmarket right now so if you prefer shopping in person, head on over there!

I love a good Charcuterie Board. Having a look through their Instagram, I can almost guarantee you will be drooling just by looking at all of the stunning boards! This is not only the perfect gift but what a great addition to any holiday party.

A carefully curated collection of vintage home goodies! They offer shipping, delivery and local pick up as well to make your shopping easier. If you have a friend that loves vintage goodies, you will, without a doubt find a little something for them. They have a selection of products ranging from serving dishes, bright green glasses, tea light holders, sea shell serving dishes and much much more! Real cute.

Is your friend a Greek Goddess? Does she love evil eye jewelry? This boutique jewelry store has got you covered. Athena Guardian Golds Jewelry represents wisdom, power & protection. Gold plated, 925 sterling silver, evil eye jewelry will be sure to keep all the bad vibes away!

I have been obsessed with all of Leah's fine jewelry for so long! Lucky for us, she's expanding her shop into Toronto as of next week (she's originally from Vancouver). If you have a friend that loves dainty jewelry look no further. What I love most is their Spark Studio- this is where they'll measure and cut the bracelet of your choice so it's the perfect fit for you. Then, using a delicate flash of a micro laser, they'll create a permanent seal, welding a solid gold chain to your wrist with a quick zap. The ultimate friendship bracelet!

Do you know someone that always has a candle lit in their home? Hallie Candle Co offers a wide range of Luxury Sculptural Candles that are hand poured, vegan and cruelty free. You can find a range of different shapes and sizes ranging from Christmas Tree candles, Nutcracker Candle, Skulls, Lions, Lovers, Palm Spear, Venus Statue and much more!

The ultimate lounge and cozy wear! One can NEVER have too many comfy at home loungewear especially during the winter months. This is a gift that literally anyone will love!

A collection of 100% soy candles, hand poured, cruelty free, paragon free, phthalate free and eco-friendly. They will also be launching their Christmas collection soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

My FAV lady duo in the business who will 100% transform anyones skin! If you know a skincare junkie or someone who wants to improve their skin overall, a gift card for Skin Bosses will be the BEST gift. Trust me! Alternatively, they have a few gift sets that you can purchase from them as well for a friend or family member who loves trying out new products. Head to their shop or DM them, these ladies are beyond helpful and skilled.

Shop a small Batch, Handmade Polymer clay earrings. They're constantly offering new designs from moons, butterflies, sea shells, marble patterned statement earrings, to more simple everyday elegant earrings. DM or Email them to find the perfect earrings for that special someone.

An elevated comfort and Lifestyle brand which offers a range of products from crystal water bottles, comfy bamboo PJ sets, Coconut Candles, or even super chic pleated bags. You will definitely find something cute here... even if it's for yourself...

A series of at home spa treatments which are made simple so that anyone can get treatments done in the comfort of their own home! Shop their new Gold Sculpting Bar, or the trusted at home Hair removal kits or the amazing Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenating Kits.

Like Yoga Pants but for your hair. A premium quality hair towel that is ultra soft and comes in a variety of different shades so you can definitely match a towel to your BFF. These towels are designed to absorb water from root to tip, quick and evenly. This gentle fabric prevents breakage and doesn't pull or strain the hair!

Happy Holidays!

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