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5 Makeup Products Everyone Needs

When you want to start wearing a little bit of makeup or building out your own makeup kit, it can certainly be intimidating. There are so many products on the market, so many different brands to choose from, the options seem endless. If this resonates with you, I want to help you out! On this post, I will be breaking it down to the very basic products you need for an everyday look. In return, you will 1. Be confident in what you need in your makeup collection, and 2.Be able to put a look together with minimum products. I will also be giving some products recommendations, so you don’t have to waste money trying new products that might just miss the mark. So without further ado, Let’s begin!

I am sure you have heard this before, but skin prep is so important for flawless looking skin! For the most part, a great moisturizer is all you need to get your skin ready for makeup. When your skin is not properly prepped and hydrated, makeup will not sit well. As a result, your makeup can look very 'cakey'.

So, make sure to apply a thin layer of moisturizer evenly across your face (or oil if you’re on the dryer side), you will notice a huge difference with the way your makeup will wear throughout the day! A great moisturizer that works well for many foundations and skin types is the Tatcha Dewy Skin Moisturizer. If you're on the oily side, I love the Tatcha Water Cream in substitution.

When do I recommend using a primer? If you have textured skin. A great primer to help smooth out your skin is the Tatcha Silky Canvas. It creates a much more even base, minimizes the look of pores, and is great for acne prone skin as it creates a layer of protection between your products and your skin.

For an everyday easy look- all you need is a little concealer! A concealer is much more pigmented than a foundation, and is a great product to use daily for a natural, everyday look. Instead of applying a layer of coverage all over the entire face, use your concealer only on the areas/spots that you feel needs concealing. By doing so, you will instantly get a polished yet super natural look. If you wanted to take it up a notch, take 2 shades of concealer (one that is 2 shades lighter, and one that is your skin tone), and use the lighter shade for the under eye to brighten, and the other to spot conceal.

Bronzer is a must have in any makeup kit. Use your bronzer to bring back warmth into the skin, especially during the winter months. You could also use your bronzer to contour rather than bronze by applying it strategically in the areas that you would like to define. Check out some contouring videos on YouTube, for a better idea on how to contour. Once you are done with bronzing or contouring, sweep your bronzer across your eyelids for a natural Smokey eye, or apply it directly on your crease for a defined eye look.

In order to open up your eyes and give yourself an instant eye lift, the right mascara will do just that. This will quickly transform you. For the days when you have absolutely no time, in my opinion, a couple coats of mascara can have you looking and feeling awake in no time.

Lastly, don’t forget a translucent powder or setting spray to set your face! I always recommend using a light dust of translucent powder, however, if you’re on the oiler side, using a bit more will ensure your makeup stays locked in. For an added step, spray your face with setting spray and your makeup will be sure to stay put for the rest of your day!

And that is all! If you’re starting to build out your own makeup collection or wanting to take your everyday natural look up a notch all you really need is:

  1. Moisturizer

  2. Concealer

  3. Bronzer

  4. Mascara

  5. Translucent Powder

I hope you found this helpful! xxx

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