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Colour Correcting

Do you have dark circles or blemishes that you just can’t seem to cover with concealer? Do you often see grey shadows where you have previously concealed?

Whether it is redness, dull skin, sunspots, veins, or dark under eyes, sometimes even the heaviest of concealers just won’t do the trick! This is when we welcome colour correctors with open arms!

At first, it may seem complicated and a little bit overwhelming, but with this post, I will break things down— which all comes down to the colour wheel-- and without boring you with all the knitty gritty, we can simplify things by focusing on the particular concerns we are ultimately trying to correct.



SOLUTION: Peach or Pink (depending on skin tone)

On my clients, I most often use colour correctors for dark under eyes, even if they are barely there. As mentioned previously, if you don’t colour correct and just apply a concealer, you will most likely be frustrated with the results. An easy solution is to use a pink or peach colour corrector, which helps to cancel out any blue, green or purple. So which works best?

The more fair you are- the more you would lean towards the pinker end, the deeper you are, the peachy and orangey tones will work best for you.




I don’t use this technique too often, however, still useful to know. Especially for those of you who are suffering from Rosacea, a great solution would be to prep your skin with a green primer. Green cancels out all redness so you have an acne scars, this would be a great way to even out your base before applying foundation.




I know I have a vein right in the center of my forehead that just loves to pop up from time to time. A great way to combat this is using a yellow colour corrector to mask any purple tones. Some under eye circles are purple in nature so if the pink/peach doesn’t work, you may want to switch it out to the yellow.




This is an interesting one. If you do struggle with dull or yellow complexion, try using a purple primer. This will help with adding brightness back into the skin. Alternatively, if it is just certain spots that are bothering you, you can certainlay spot conceal as well!

I hope you find this blog helpful! As always, feel free to shoot me an email or DM me with any additional questions.

Have a fantastic week and see you guys soon!

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